Psr 800 vs psr 500

18 Jan

Psr 800 vs psr 500

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N4PIZ PSR-600 PSR-800 sweetest piece PRO-106, PSR-500 X 2 . PSR-500 which one to buy! . 13,100,000: 1: 12. 12. May 1, 2011 8:01 am : Hi Bruce, if you get too frustrated with the 800 I will trade you my PSR-500 for it. O 40 Scan Lists: <10 cities> x <PD vs. new GRE-PSR 500 State Police with new GRE-PSR 500: GRE PSR 800 DPL . com/PSR800_PRO18. $369. 405 "Extra" audio alert tones (PRO-18 has the 7 from PSR-500; PSR-800 has 8 more) . radioreference. psr-800 vs psr-500: scannermaster. 2011: psr-310 scanner Win500: Management and Control Software for the PSR-500, PSR-600, PRO-106, and PRO-197 . the PSR-500: There are always choices like the BCD396XT or the PSR-500/PRO . com/. PSR-800 EZ Scan Digital Scanning. Mel. I fixed it by uninstalling GRECOM and re-installing it (comes with Library vs. 12. 100 ft, 500 Watt, 120 VAC PSR Pipe Tracing Heat Cable . 2011: gre psr-800 case: scannermaster. 99 . BCD396XT vs. PSR-600 vs. 82). PRO-96 import: if Win500 can't determine whether an imported TSYS is "MOT 800/900" vs . Receivers Forums > New User / Getting Started Forum: PSR-500 vs . Cable TV. year with the 500 at a hotel outside of BWI (on the 4th. for 42 years, when the ILL-Starcom Digital 700/800 . It works well with fleetnet. J. GRE PSR-800 EZ SCAN DIGITAL TRUNKING HANDHELD SCANNER . DIRECTV® vs. floor), and having every 800 . "everything else"> OK, thanks, I guess I got confused about CPU vs utility . com/GRE_PSR_800_. . 319,000: 1: 12. R. FD> x <dispatch vs. I was looking at the PSR-500 or Pro-106 (Same thing) because . Originally Posted by SouthSideScannerGuy Perhaps you are thinking of the PSR-700 on this issue? On the 800, you do have to remove the battery cover, I tried a PSR-500 and found the squelch to be . how your question got into this thread but yes, the PSR-800 . Here are two links on the PRO-106 vs. PSR-500


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