Shaman ranged dps cata

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Shaman ranged dps cata

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Melee DPS in Cata Heroic Dungeons Resto Shaman x 2 Raid Leaders x 2 We are a guild comprised of old school MC raiders progressing in the new Cata encounters needing some good ranged DPS and resto shamans and holy . The ranged Rogue souls are . 03. Guild Recruitment - US Servers » Church of RNG LF Ranged DPS 10/12 Cata [Alliance][Icecrown] <Blades of Wrath> 9/12 HM Cata 25m . Ive been playing an Unholy DK as my main through wrath, but in Cata ive decided to try out playing a Shaman, especially since heroic raids heavily favor ranged dps. . I guess that's about it. Poll Results: Which Spec do we consider will yeild a top singular aim dps in cata? Rogue; Shaman . The elemental Shaman is the ranged DPS. Of those DPS ones with realistic CC are: Rogue, Shaman, Druid and Death Knight when Spec. What we need to fill in 2 Slots: Destro Warlock & A Druid or Shaman going Third Healer/Ranged DPS Hi all, I've got both shaman and hunter both recently 85 and with mostly cata greens. to be able to bring both chars to Cata 5 . These are the best. That leaves locks, Druids, Shaman, and. . This was a Cata change then. Source : Click Here 24. What is a viable ranged Druid and Shaman DPS rotation? I am only lvl 22 on both but it seems that they . There are Rogue builds for m lange and ranged DPS. Compared to Ranged DPS . I have a 80 hunter, 80 Mage and I wanted a class that was not a dps class for Cata . I remember that day fondly It . updated 6/10, Need some ranged dps now! Ive playing Unholy DK main wrath, Cata ive decided playing Shaman, heroic raids heavily favor ranged dps. . 2012 · I'd say roll a Shaman since it's clear that you like being a ranged player, Shaman can . I'd say roll a Shaman since it's clear that you like being a ranged player, Shaman . Results for 'best dps in cataclysm' at sv dps cata . Druids sound good because they can be tanks, melee dps, ranged dps, and . Used to be 75. Cata Raiding by Festerpad, 692 days ago Hooray for 10man raiding changes! . board topic titled "Warrior or Shaman for Cata . The following is the Cataclysm Elemental Shaman Leveling Build Guide. shaman I'm looking obviously at a end game . . Enhancement Shaman - -Low Retribution Paladin - -Low Ranged DPS: Moonkin - -HIGH . Both are viable dps but I fear that hunters, being so common it would be very hard to find . My off spec . . Enchants; elemental shaman cataclysm enchant; elemental shaman dps cataAs the ranged DPS tree, Elemental can also be used for leveling. - DPS SHAMAN (ELEMENTAL/ENHANCEMENT) - HUNTER - WARRIOR . wanted a class that was not a dps class for Cata . frost


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