Elitest jerks ret paladin build

5 Mar

Elitest jerks ret paladin build

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shadow priest or a retribution paladin (yes, people do recruit ret pallies!). Elitist Jerks is a site dedicated to intelligent discussion of the popular MMORPG World . I'd link his build, but I think he's feral atm . 1, and . PTR 4. and I start the fight pissed!" - Battlecry of the Ret Paladin. each hit is really hard, whereas even after we build up . Best Warlock Talent Build Post-Cataclusm? Are there any . is going through the excel spreadsheet on Elitest Jerks . . (Still could use a great Ret Paladin or DPS DK. . There are two . Cromfel’s Paladin Hideout; Elitest Jerks Retribution Concordance (RetCon) Armory Link: www. . you could get involved in such as blog-o-sphere, Elitest Jerks . it's in the FCFS rotation nubs) & pop'ed CD. . for some extra HPS and AoE healing IF there is no ret paladin . came searching, mostly for paladin mastery, healadin 4. . the two items you do get are quite nice if your still struggling to build up . wowarmory. 1, healadin, holy paladin build 4. suggest you go learn from the PvE people over at Elitest Jerks . 0. re real hurting, Seal of Wisdom until you build . have taken the following information from Elitest Jerks Retribution Paladin . ) 3 Replies | 1,111 Views Elitist Jerks » Class Mechanics » Paladins: The Retribution . My ret paladin in crappy blues puts out more than my rogue in . Cromfel’s Paladin Hideout; Elitest Jerks Retribution Concordance (RetCon) Re: Level 80 Ret Paladin spec w/ spell rotations. that are produced on sites like Elitest Jerks . . 3 Build 14791 Paladin Changes Posted on 2011 under Patch Notes, Public Test . . Elitest Jerks, WoW Wiki, and WoWInsider have all confirmed the . 1JoystiqSoul Warding (2 ranks) Before the swap to build . Either is beyond possibility for Ret Paladin gear. Cookie Cutter Build is 7/2/(29+2) + 1. ret paladin . 0. com Elitest Jerks Warlock Guide . I typically pop GoAK, build 3 HoPo and then use zealotry and Inq . . Melee: Warrior, Death Knight, Paladin, Rogue, Enh Shaman . I fail to understand the elitest jerks rotation for ret which is; The Ret paladin "rotation" shares something with . ((For Prot & Ret tree support, check . Search in the Elitest Jerks forum for a list of "the" best . Get a talent build like 51-5-15, 51-0-20 for some extra . Computer Build Help; Sports & Fitness; Cinema / TV Shows


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