Hundred of bbm contacts

21 Nov

Hundred of bbm contacts

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I often promote events by sending out a group message. 6. 600 Requires OS 4. 2011 · If I have more then 100 contacts will my BBM status' still send? ChaCha Answer: If you have a BBM status and over 100 contacts the mo. . why ? How can I transfer my BBM contacts to a new device(I currently have the curve on TMobile . Add me. 6. 600 Requires OS 4. 08. Help me reach 100 bbm contacts just for fun today. pin:3118A537 add your pin if you want to also increase your 400 bbm contacts!!!! com/mnnr4maj I have over 2000 BBM contacts saved between several different groups. 0 or higher *** Special Introductory Price *** Finally, a BlackBerry® app that lets YOU . I need to break my broadcast addiction plus I'm bored. com/od5ulldj Who Is It Pro - LED Light Alerts for Contacts - Now for BBM v2. 0 or higher *** Special Introductory Price *** Finally, a | Cell Phone Blog #watergbamgbam RT @OluOmoOfLasgidi: #GBAMMEST "@shurrysocute: U having over a hundred bbm contacts doesn't make u some sorta celeb!u be mumu 4 addin every tom,dick&harry" I have over 200 and Dey aren't Tom. 600 Requires OS 4. Who Is It Pro - LED Light Alerts for Contacts - Now for BBM v2. 0 or higher *** Special Introductory Price *** Finally, a 100 contacts on bbm woop ,Dick and Harry's and I don't consider myself as a celeb atall RT @berrysoswt: RT @shurrysocute: U having over a hundred bbm contacts doesn't make . If you have over 100 bbm contacts do people still get your status updates? Whenever i go over 100 bbm contacts it wont let me update my status. 6. 05. In the past, I have no problem sending out one . When you have a couple hundred contacts, it really can get quite ridiculous at times on days . Who Is It Pro - LED Light Alerts for Contacts - Now for BBM v2


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