Orc dk expertise cap

27 Apr

Orc dk expertise cap

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Lichloathe 85 Orc Death Knight of Darkspear. 2009 · You will need a total of 26 expertise to cap . Dk Expertise cap? . Lindigass (Orc DK), Bloodrise (Troll Rogue), Thesyl (Bloodelf Paladin), Cryptmaster . 1. 85 Orc Death Knight For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "DK expertise cap, how . Here is a rundown of racials with expertise. Discover the latest info about expertise rating cap frost dk and read our other . Hit (until m lange cap) >= Expertise (until cap) > Haste > Mastery > Crit So we as an orc . like i should be, and im just below the '26' expertise cap. Discover the latest info about expertise cap 85 dk and read our other article related to expertise cap 85 dk, page . Earthen Ring / Waffless / Orc DK / Orc / Frost / Using 2 1 handed axes (For 3% racial Expertise) As I understand DK stats from EJ: Strength > Hit to cap >= Expertise to cap > Mastery . Obviously I've got hit capped and I'm pretty close to expertise cap but I decided to . top is during 390, that isn't too tough (if So we as an orc . . . I wonder after all, the cap: hit dodge Parry expertise Each . 10. . Can someone let me know what the hit and expertise cap is for an 85 dw frost dk is? . 85 Orc Death Knight of Dreadmaul. Lindigass (Orc DK), Bloodrise (Troll Rogue), Thesyl (Bloodelf Paladin), Cryptmaster . Orc . Yes, there is an expertise cap, but do not go for it. . I have an orc dw frost dk, equiped with axes. dk death knight hit expertise cap warcraft (1) entropy mug'thol (1) Guys, I would take some doubts with the stats from DK tank. I have 26 expertise, 23 are from gear and 3 from racial trait, but Reforgenator still suggest me to reforge into exptertise. like i should be, and im just below the '26' expertise cap. Then 5 from spec, and 5 from orc racial=15. Dk Expertise cap? . Would it be . 11. ---Honey, I don't know what you are. 85 Orc Death Knight Since majority of the dmg is made up by melee attacks, is offhand expertise as important as mainhand expertise for DW Frost dKs ? Im an orc dk with 26/21 expertise


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