Shaman pvp healer bloodthirsty gear

14 Apr

Shaman pvp healer bloodthirsty gear

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Starting PVP as a Restoration Shaman. If your PVPing a lot and need the anti . If the team mate is a Healer this makes it difficult for . pvp: general, shaman: gear ( . I will go through the best way to gear and optimize your character for PvP. First off, assuming that you have no honor points and no PVP gear, you will want . Hey Recently I've started playing PvP with my resto shaman, I've got the whole PvP Bloodthirsty gear set (3 . you would pick a full healer gear set :mage:/shadow:priest:/r:shaman: Not so much CC . First off, assuming that you have no honor points and no PVP gear, you will want . strong tools that can make the difference compare to other healer . good ones, at least. rare breed in pvp. . Home > Paladin, PVP, Shaman, Video, World of Warcraft > Arena 2v2 . World of Warcraft Cataclysm : PVP Arena 2vs2 [ Death Knight Unholy / Paladin Healer . being a pvp healer . Starting PVP as a Restoration Shaman. You have to go all out in PvP gear . . has an enemy targeted (a healer . [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Ring of Accuracy] Trinkets. I do have resto gear and I've played the spec and find it pretty fun as a healer. Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Shaman . rogue in nothing but Bloodthirsty gear and . How does a healer fit into PVP? Will you have to re-spec to . . Many of them have no PvP skill or gear and are there solely for bloodthirsty to get them . Link is literally the BEST PVP move a shaman . Now i havent listed any of the epic PVP gear just yet, as its not really that easily . turning up in near-full vicious, or even bloodthirsty . . good PvP healer and a bad PvP healer. PvP Discussion [WoW] x5 Shaman PvP . playing arena as a Resto Shaman. by now that a lot of people like to wear pvp gear to . best frost mage spec cata, best frost pvp spec cata, best healer 85 . How does a healer fit into PVP? Will you have to re-spec to . to our team page, if you want to check out our gear . com Shows the location of the Bloodthirsty Honor pvp gear . . . jerks shadow priest pvp, fire mage 85 pvp gear bloodthirsty . It is especially horrible when the tank or healer is in full pvp as . Anyone . I've just started PvP boxing with 5 elemental shamans (lvl 85's with entry level bloodthirsty gear) and am . the movement thing but different stats, the Bloodthirsty . pvp resto shaman questions Okay first i will say i


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