Attacking level 10 wilds

21 Feb

Attacking level 10 wilds

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guide, consider boost your research level further before attacking. Obviously this is not an option for Level's 9 and 10 Wilds. Wild lvl 10: - 15000 bows/5 star/lvl 7 medicine . the November 22nd update King Arthur's Crests , Morgana's Seals and Mordred's Seals are now dropping in level 8-10 wilds. Please comment below if you have any . wikia. Hunt for Marks of the Roman Emperors by attacking unowned Level 2 to 10 Wilds. If you want to minimize losses, you need a fletching level higher than the wild you are attacking. . The higher the Wild level, the more likely a Mark will be found. Attack troop numbers for attacking lvl 6 Dark Forest and above lvls? Attackin level 10 wilds? Attacking a castle? Attacking a city? Attacking level 5 wilds? (Level 10 Research Needed Only if Dragons are used, if not using dragons upgrade . Attacking Wilds and Anthro Camps Rayel on Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:03 . However, even sending 99,999 archers plus 1 mm in the 2nd wave I still take losses of a couple of thousand . . Retrieved from " send 0 Militiamen Level 2 wild: send 5 Militiamen Level 3 wild: send 10 Militiamen Level 4 . It really helps to have a level 10 rally point when attacking 10 wilds. *** caesary lvl 10 wild, caesary attacking wilds, caesary wilderness drop, caesary level 10 wilderness, caesary wild attack with pictures . . As of March 2011 update Stag King Seal's While attacking . Captured Wilds are viewable in City/Downtown . All generals should be five stars when attacking any level of . You can find the Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius Mark by attacking level 2-10 wilds, I would personally recommend hiting level 5 wilds. com/wiki/User_blog:Portu_G%C3%B3mez/ATTACKING_WILDS . Attacking Wilds . hiding inside Wilds. . Level 10: General: 17% 25000 Sniper: Twilight Warfare A 'Third City Deed' can be obtained either through the shop, or by finding 10 Augustus' Marks, 5 Tiberius' Marks and 2 Caligula's Marks from attacking Wilds of level 2 to 10. So far, I've only encountered 10 Traps in a level 3 and . got lucky took 20 wave attacks; Attacking Camps; Attacking Wilds Players can also earn a Third City Deed to build their new city by attacking level 2–10 wilds to earn the following Marks: 10 Augustus’ Marks, five Tiberius’ Marks, and two . higher for Ronins Level 5 and below) This last bit is to help minimize troop losses


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