Pvp rogue hit rating

22 Nov

Pvp rogue hit rating

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First off, you need to choose the right gear. Robot to get more Hit Rating, raise the weight on it . This thread (and what I thought) say hit cap is 5% for PvP. . Discover the latest info about pvp hit rating rogue and read our other article related to pvp hit rating rogue, page 10 at ajilbab. Elitist Jerks » Public Discussion » Player vs. Get the 5% and your fine. Discover the latest info about hit rating for pvp rogue and read our other article related to hit rating for pvp rogue, page 10 at ajilbab. com Rogue PVP tips, tactics and articles for the World of Warcraft. . Your actually slightly above the hit cap for sub pvp, so . The 401 Rogue FAQ Elitist Jerks Elitist Jerks Class Mechanics Rogues The 401 Rogue FAQ And we need 307548 hit rating on cata per 1 hit chance40LV80 So the white hit cap is. com Hit rating is very valuable up to the point where your specials will no longer miss (5% hit or 79 hit rating, note that precision grants 5% if you've taken it), after which it . The importance of hit for rogues in pvp as well as a list of other important stats and how they should be weighted . Rogue thread on this page says 7%. How much Hit rating should a Rogue have to do good in arena's/BG's?---"Imagination is not an . first, if i searched bad, sorry, my fault. World of Warcraft PC Forum › Hit for a PvP Rogue? How many hit rating cap in pvp? How many hit rating need in pvp for rogue? What better hit or dexterity? Thanks for viewing this thread! I'm trying to plan out my gear, enchants, gemming, and reforging for PvP. appears mr robot thinks that every reforge should be to haste for a pvp rogue. So, if you want Mr. This includes any hit . I'm simply wanting to know how much hit rating you need to get 5% at . Hey guys i was wondering what percentage of hit rating should a wotlk rogue have in pvp and in pve? Hit rating is pretty essential to any spec for pvp or pve. The most important stat will be hit rating. Player [Hunter] +Hit Rating in PvP . in PVP with your Rogue, there are some useful Rogue PVP tips that you need to know. ok, i searched all along wowhead forum, and i found that the cap to specials to not iss in pvp is 6%, without any talents. For pvp you just need less of it


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