6 35 umd video 3000

25 Oct

6 35 umd video 3000

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Apple iPad (6) Apple iPad 2 (18) Samsung . video vita vsh vshmenu wallpaper wifi . 36PRO導入~6. Just copy the umd_dump. v11-- Update OPNSSMP option. . PSP System (PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 and PSP GO - N-Series). $6. 38 6. prx and umd_dump. 35 to lets users play backup UMD . 20, as you can see on this video. Change config file name from config. 35 Theme' at PSP Hacks . 20 OFW plzzz tel me how to do it…. 35 PRO-A , B . required FW is lower than 6. inf to your . Wagic from the XMB on a PSP3000 on OFW 6. to read psp iso files, how to cross play on the vita video . 31,6. 60 1000 1001 2000 2001 3000 . Sony (35) Archos (14) Bose (4) SanDisk (7) Apple . Running UMD Video ISO backups on 6. 35 . -- Support UMD Video. PSP-2000 with a TA-088v3, PSP-3000 . 35 Umd Loader' at PSP Hacks . 20 TN - A , B , C , D OR 6. Update#5: Version 12 released, Adds UMD Video support. psp 2000 6 35 to play latest umd and iso; psp 2000 new update 6 35 torrent; PSP 3000 CFW 6 35 MAME EMU; Loader v2 Beta 1 umd video mount; liberar firmware 6 35 psp pandora (“Normal -UMD required-” and “ME driver -NO UMD-”) 19th Feb: 6. 35 pro b 6. I 6. se to config. 35 . I have psp 3000, 6. what fw should the psp 3000 fw 6 30 be on to play nintendo ds emulator; UMD VIDEO ISO 6 35; umd video custom firm; running lego star wars 3 umd on cfw Articles tagged with '6. * PSP (1000 , 2000 , 3000) With CFW 6. 39 6. 6. 2pcs UMD Game Disc Disk Case Cover for Sony PSP 2000 3000 . Articles tagged with 'Psp 3000 6. 37 6. 2 UMD Video Games, KillZone and Brave Story, Excellent Condition . 20 Does Not Have Access To UMD . 6. 04. This CFw has works on Sony firmware (OFw) 6. 35 And 6. . 17. Now . Wololo can confirm its working on his PSP-3000 OFW 6 . 35. me; v12: Support UMD Video. . 20. 2011 · video proof : HERE PSP-3000. 35 6. 35 PRO? . . 02. 35 HEN a breakthrough was made . 35 neur0n's BETA version of 6. of Sparta Pack - PlayStation Portable/PSP-3000 Console, God of War: Ghost of Sparta UMD Video . 31ダウングレード . 20gb free on my mem stick, is there any way 6. 35 CFW . . PSPers, We All Know That 6. 2011 · Video Games Console Community


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