Endless scrolling tumblr themes

10 Dec

Endless scrolling tumblr themes

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Is anyone else irritated by tumblr themes that have the like/reblog/follow/dashboard buttons on the BOTTOM of the screen? And it gets even more aggravating if the blog is on . Hi tumblr people, I’m really tired and I can barely keep my eyes open. Theme Two. Themes by Venoms I will make more themes as possible if I am not lazy lol (this blog is only for my themes, you do not have to follow this blog). Optional endless scrolling; Optional show or hide captions (underneath photos) Frequently Asked Questions about adding infinite scrolling to a Tumblr blog, Sometimes it is just not working because your theme just isnt standard enough, To avoid looping the . Preview / Code • Endless scrolling/Pagination • 500px • Sidebar image *Optional Theme One. Hello beautiful and welcome to my theme blog! Here you'll find the updated versions of my public themes. Endless Scrolling. Themes . How to install: Click on the image of the theme you want, Click the . No clickable links, endless scrolling built in, 400px pictures. Regular Drop Down Endless/Infinite Scrolling - Copy this code after tag or on your description: dancinginthemoonlight113 said: for themes with scroll try dolliecrave(dot)com . New themes for you all. . For dropdowns and for how to make a clickable link check out the tutorials. Preview / Code • Endless scrolling/Pagination • 250px/400px/500px • Shaking Images *Optional • Fixed Sidebar • Portrait *Optional • Instant reblog link on photos . Then go into tumblr customize and select theme. UPDATED! NEW! click here to get the endless scrolling . DOWNLOAD. . be the one most people prefer to use, because it will work for more themes . No . Sliding Drop Down. tumblr : darlieecious , i'm using nr. Themes by built0nsecrets THEME CREATOR. 18 "Violent Kiss" on my other tumblr, and there's endless scrolling . ABOUT/RULES . CLICK HERE to get the code. Click . hi so i was looking into how to add endless scrolling onto your tumblr and your answers seemed really


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